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What is a Referral Agent?

A real estate Referral Agent is a licensed agent that can legally get paid by giving buyer and seller leads to licensed agents. Without the license it is ILLEGAL for an agent to pay you for a referral fee. As a Referral Agent you DO NOT show or list houses, nor have access to the MLS, or handle the paperwork.

As a Referral Agent you DO NOT join an association or become a REALTOR – saving you thousands per year. You change and become a full agent by joining an association in FL, and switch to our regular brokerage at any time.


  • Must be 18 and have a HS Diploma or GED & have a SS#

  • You Do NOT need to live in Florida, you may live in any state

  • Take and pass the 63 hour Pre-Licensing class for FL. ($50 – $350)

  • If you take an online only class w/o an instructor, an exam prep class is recommended ($99)

  • Must apply for a real estate license in FL, be finger printed w/background check. Fingerprinting can be done from any state. ($84 app/$65 fingerprinting)

  • Pass the FL Licensing Exam – Can be taken from any state. ($37)

  • Sign up with Realty Partners Referral Brokerage ($100 a year)

EXAMPLE of how you can make money:
Suppose you have a FL License, live in Virginia, and have a friend in Ohio that wants to sell their house and buy a house in Maine. You can find an agent in Ohio to sell that house, and an agent in Maine to help them buy a house. You can ask the other agent for whatever fee you want and they sign an agreement before you give them your friend’s information. In this example you wanted 30% for the sale and 25% for the purchase.
Ohio: 300,000 sale price w/agent getting 3% = 10,000. You get 30% of that so $3000 – broker fee of 25% = $2,250.
Maine: 500,000 purchase price w/agent getting 2.5% = $12,500. You get 25% of that so $3125 – broker fee of 25% = $2344
You made $4594 by helping 1 friend connect with 2 agents.

Ready to Retire or Take a Break

  • If you want to make money from referrals, not be an “active” agent.  You do NOT need to be part of an association or the MLS.   Sign up as a referral broker for only $100 A YEAR!

  • We will work your leads and pay you a referral fee when they close!


New and Not Ready to Actively Sell?

  • Sign up with us if you are not ready to actively work as an agent for only $100 a year!

  • Join Tanya with the PLUS Marketing Team and learn how to build referral income

  • If you are moving to Florida, but not here yet… get your license for FL before moving and start marketing streams and refer them out until you move here.  Then you can switch to a fully active agent with Realty Partners.

  • Realty Partners is EXPANDING.  You can become a FL Referral agent with us and lock in your place in our organization, then get (or transfer) your state license to us when we open in your state!

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