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If you stopped working tomorrow would your income be enough to pay your bills & live in current lifestyle?

What’s the value of your current brokerage/team?  Many calculate it by one year net earnings MINUS what the owner/broker sold.

What if you could own part of a corporate brokerage going national + other services (title, lending) AND get residual income from those under you AND be vested in 5 years?

What if you could get 10% of the direct shares your recruits pay the company, but a Binary Plan paid down to infinity?

You would have a business – not a job!

Here is how we can help Teams/Brokers:

  • NO Start-up Fees, NO Franchise Fees, NO E & O Fees, NO State Registration Fees, NO Employees

  • If you want to remain a Broker – YOU CAN.

  • If you want Leads for your Team – (Including a FREE Team Branded site w/CRM) – YOU CAN

  • If you want access to Rebus University & other FREE Training for your agents – YOU CAN

  • If you want FREE access to social media and listing marketing via CirclePix – YOU CAN

  • You may become a Partner IMMEDIATELY – Depending on your Team/Brokerage size.

  • We pay out Weekly Residual Income Based on 10% of REVENUE (not profits) in a Binary Plan – DOWN TO INFINITY.

  • We provide the Administration, Training, Software, & Support for only $100 per month paid by each agent! (Other Team Options are Available)

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Joining Realty Partners Was My Best Choice

Services We Provide For YOU & YOUR Team:

Lead Generation & CRM/IDX Websites

Agents have access to the full Commissions Inc dashboard for marketing & Lead Followup.

Workplace for Internal Communication

We were one of the first Real Estate companies to use Workplace by Facebook for our internal communication.

Drips & Text Lead Follow-up

We assist you with your lead follow-up by helping with drip campaigns and text messaging options.

Websites & Email Branded to YOU

We want to help you brand your business, so we put the website and email under your domain name.

Tons & Tons of Training

We provide training through regular live-webinars and online class-room courses created just for our agents!

Turn Key Start-Up

We setup your website, email, CRM, and buy you your name tags and first 500 business cards for an easy start-up.

Dotloop Premium & Esign

You don’t have to pay fees for an e-sign program.  We provide a smooth offer to closing backend that is very mobile friendly!

Listing & Referral Marketing

We use special programs to promote your listings online and help you get positive referrals posted out via social media.

Realty Partners LLC is currently licensed in the State of Florida where we are growing quickly.  We may consider expanding to other states sooner versus later depending on the Broker and opportunity.  

Call Tanya Eldert to discuss:  407-440-1819.

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